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UKHO Workshop London

Alternative Images, corporate photographers in London were asked to record the workshop event held in London on 11th Septmber by UKHO organised by CT-Live event management. This workshop was explaining the importance of regular updates and best procedure practice for ship navigation systems. At the event there was time to ask the professionals after a light lunch on the systems they offer. The main presenter for the morning was Captain Paul Hailwood who spoke in two one hour sessions on the ECDIS system.

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office is committed to the safe and efficient adoption of ECDIS in accordance with SOLAS requirements. It is apparent the shipping industry requires clear unambiguous guidance for the transition from traditional to digital navigation. The UKHO will be providing a workshop to provide guidance for the development of ECDIS operating procedures into the on board safety management system as required by international regulations and the International Safety Management (ISM) code. The workshop will benefit any person involved with the shipping industry including, managers, owners, ship personnel, regulators and auditors.




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Video for Adverts and Web Sites

Video content is now a vital addition to a web site. How many sites do you visit and there is some reference to view a video to explain or show the subject searched? As a corporate photographer and video producer this is what I have previously written an article about. That is the availability to produce video clips for a range of applications quite easily and within a given budget. Here we have some simple garden tools that a small company is trying to launch onto the market place. The request was a clip to place to a web site and launch to Vimeo so having a link to place to various applications. It is simple an ideally would have been good to have a voice over, it was unfortunate that the budget was restricted, but we managed to produce a sequence that is of good quality and usable to send the message he wanted. This was produced purely with the D800 DSLR camera we obtain last year with a standard mike to enhance the sound captured in the footage. We located an area to create the scene and wrote a basic story line to demonstrate the items. This production is a way of making clips for many small outlets, jewellery designers, craft makers and cottage industries alike.

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