Alternative Images Invest in Nikon D800

D800 Investment

Alternative Images have found a need for investing in the new camera that has the full frame FX CMOS sensor that offers shooting at 36 mega pixel producing a native image size of 62 x 41cm. The files when shooting RAW are superb and are in excess of 100 megabit each. With a large platform to obtain information at the initial shoot stage the detail in an image is captured. Even when the file is reduced in size that fineness and sharpness still remains within the image even when reduced to a fifth of it original size. The argument here is that does one need to work with such large files. The answer is probably no. But it is far easier to reduce image size within post production to suite its purpose than to struggle the other way! And if you need the quality, you have it.

Alternative Images

Image Taken with Nikon D800

The photographic projects this will be mainly used for are property interior and exteriors for publication that require fine detailed images, product shots, portraits and studio based assignments.

The camera is able to record full HD 1080p resolution video. Alternative are using this equipment to shoot talking head to camera interview/announcement video clips and short promotional footage that can be placed to a company website for information purposes. We are able to shoot, edit and have clips available to client’s onsite for upload with immediate effect. Please view our most recent examples here:

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