Don’t Rule out the Professionals

We are all being advised how to present ourself on social media and websites.
There is a constant battle to obtain first place, to be noticed, gain interest and ultimately sell with social media.

I have noticed that past methods have declined and a whole new industry of people with various descriptions of their profession have emerged. They are ‘Strategic …..’ ‘Motivational…..’ and ‘…..Coach’ to help and direct us on the paths of social media.

It’s a new business platform. A great deal of time and money is spent by companies sending employees to attend meetings, gather information and to learn the best methods used. To become the leaders within the marketing team, to promote a companies image, services or product.

I see often within the social media scenes and websites how articles are written, adverts made and posts released with images and videos done using our ‘hand held communication devices’ that really let down all the efforts made by that individual who wants to come across as professional or represent the company in question.

A few favourites have been where the ‘camera person’ videos themselves in a mirror. This is not even noticed in post edit! The office staff portraits for website against windows that give a great scene outside but darkened blobs as subjects! Are these acceptable?

So my question is, shouldn’t a company that is spending a dedicated budget to learn, promote this new area of business put aside budget to have imagery that compliments and enhances their efforts of communication?

Yes The ‘I’ll give it a go myself’ approach may save money in the short term but does it give your audience the right impression or the WOW factor your company deserves?

Professionals in their industry have become so because of a reason.

So don’t rule them out just yet!

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