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“The showreel for Video Production from Alternative Images”

Alternative Images is an established photographic company that delivers images of the highest quality to their clients. Video production is an area that the company also has a wide knowledge base and makes video content for company conferences, marketing and training projects. In the portfolio the vision is to address the need for website video production to engage with the audience of large or smaller companies to deliver a message in a short direct piece.

The use of designed graphics always enhances a video production. These can be kept simple or made quite complex but again this is determined for the client in how much is needed for the application. Graphics can be made just to change the scene or break away from the footage or be designed to explain or show a certain procedure within the video content. Enjoy!

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What is it that you do?

If you attend a lot of networking event’s then this is probably a question that you are asked on a regular basis.

‘What is it that you do?’

And then you best describe what that is in a short paragraph.

‘I’m a photographer and video producer for corporate and medium sized businesses.’ I reply.

Of course there is more to what I do than that. Yes, I go to locations and take photographs for an interior or lifestyle publication. Or video where a director is explaining a procedure or showcase a company’s product or services. I put things together, I make things happen. I help businesses and people create the right image to promote their company.

But what else do I do? Apart from the obvious roles within my profession, what is it that I am also helping to achieve?

  • I help businesses to grow by raising their profile and showcase what they do
  • I create imagery that grabs people’s attention and gets them noticed
  • I help people with the ideas for script and video storyboarding
  • I help with presenting styles to camera on video shoots
  • I also save clients costs by working with them as and when they need me on a project


But, what I strive to do above everything else is to supply a complete professional service to my clients. And because I love my job, I hope my passion, experience and enthusiasm comes through when people ask me, ‘What is it that you do?’

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Web Video Production to Your Liking

Recently in July I was asked to shoot a video piece by a client I have know for quite a few years now. We first met up when she was involved in marketing with a firm in London. During that time I shot stills at events that were for the English rugby squad and various other promotions that were organised by the company. Now some years later she has progressed and is her own boss and wanted me to make a short presentation to camera for her company.

I produce video for people who want to present themselves or have an explanation article for say a company meeting or conference. The web is a fascinating arena for displaying who and what you are, so having a video clip to help the viewer understand and engage with what you are trying to share on a site is all an add bonus.

The equipment I use for this is fairly straight foreword. I often use DSLR to record the video in HD that is very good quality for this use where the final production will be hosted by Vimeo or Youtube.There is no short cut to be had when we come to sound and lighting. This needs to be the same as if you were shooting for a more complex situation due to lighting a scene and the sound recorded has to be a good standard.

We did have fun producing this. It was quite a warm July day and though the room we used was cool at first after an hour or so of studio lighting the temperature grew. My client was determined to do all the sections of the video shoot in one take and actually nailed it with considerable ease. That made the edit process in FCP for me an easier task. Well she is a professional!


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Having a Smoke on a Roof Top

Hello everyone its been a while since my last report of what I have been doing as a corporate photographer for Alternative Images.

It seems that I had so much to do with other projects recently that to find the time to sit and write a catch up piece for the blog had to take a back seat for a while.
So I’m back and have a few interesting items to share with you. Hope that you find enjoyable.

Back in May I was asked to do a small project for Simon from Delta Ventilation, who owns a company that deals with new builds where fire and smoke is an issue.
The company installs and maintains a smoke extraction system that is designed to remove smoke from a building when is on fire so any people who are escaping from a scene are helped so the smoke does not indanger their lives. Many lives are lost more from the smoke inhelation than the flames or heat itself.

Here we set up a controlled situation and notified the near by emergency services that we were going to re intact a fire event. The corridors of the eighth floor were flooded with artificial smoke, this looked pretty realistic to me, and we set up camera equipment on the roof top of the eleven story building know as Victoria Halls in Kings Cross that has been built for accommodation for students for the nearby university and colleges, though the rent is designed for the more wealthy student while studying in London.

I was shooting video using two Nikon D810 DSLR cameras to make a sequence piece that was going to be used at an exhibition for Delta at the Excel centre later in June. The large powerful fans of the system started up and the auto process was underway. Within no time at all the extraction funnels were blowing the large volume of smoke away from the corridor of the eighth floor into the skies above and we had our shots we needed for the production.

Later in June I visited the Excel and photographed the exhibition stand for Delta that had the video we made running on a visual display.

Delta Blog

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