Video for Adverts and Web Sites

Video content is now a vital addition to a web site. How many sites do you visit and there is some reference to view a video to explain or show the subject searched? As a corporate photographer and video producer this is what I have previously written an article about. That is the availability to produce video clips for a range of applications quite easily and within a given budget. Here we have some simple garden tools that a small company is trying to launch onto the market place. The request was a clip to place to a web site and launch to Vimeo so having a link to place to various applications. It is simple an ideally would have been good to have a voice over, it was unfortunate that the budget was restricted, but we managed to produce a sequence that is of good quality and usable to send the message he wanted. This was produced purely with the D800 DSLR camera we obtain last year with a standard mike to enhance the sound captured in the footage. We located an area to create the scene and wrote a basic story line to demonstrate the items. This production is a way of making clips for many small outlets, jewellery designers, craft makers and cottage industries alike.

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