Companies use video for an extremely effective marketing tool, especially with the growth of social media sites and wireless communications. Producing a video for your product or service will engaging with your audience and in turn increase sales results. Alternative Images, can supply the solution for your project with the logistics, scripting, shooting and editing stages to produce the final product. Video is used for various applications. We film company training, corporate meetings, promotional and events for clients to upload as video content for their business.

About Us

Based in Hertfordshire, we can service clients within London, the local surrounding areas and wherever our projects may take us. We have a professional team of photographers, videographers, editors and creative motion graphic designers who will bring your project to life.
A dedicated team to produce the best possible result within a given time frame and budget. Making that extra difference in taking time to achieve your marketing goals and make your company stand out above the competition. Bringing your ideas and company brand message across with photographic stills or in a creative video production.


Alternative Images Photography and Video Production is led by its founder Peter Austin. Peter is a resourceful and characteristic photographer, video cameraman and editor. Specialising in corporate, architectural and industrial photography and videography, Peter has been involved in many different areas of the image production industry. His vast experience and expertise come as a result of studying and perfecting his craft. Having worked in the industry for a number of years, Peter has professional communication skills, plenty of enthusiasm and a high level of technical excellence. Within his network, graphics, editing and image creation services are available through a dedicated team of professionals, to really add that final touch. 

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