Opportune Moments Again

This section again I want to visit. Like the last talking about opportunity in photography to snatch that special moment and obtain that different shot. Like in my last post regarding the rainbow, I as many of you I’m no doubt have come across a moment where with a bit of forethought could make the most of an opportunity.  With this shot I was actually on a day off being a corporate photographer but had a fairly good camera over my shoulder when I noticed this fantastic flower on a plant and having nothing behind it than a blue sky really made it stand out in its full colour glory.

I adjusted the camera settings to RAW from Jpg that it was previously set on and changed the aperture to about 5.6 so all went fuzzy behind my desired focal point. Quick camera and photo lesson here folks. I decided to change to RAW because if I hold this as a stock photo I want a file format that I can work with at a later stage.  As I framed the shot up taking some time due to the flower being still and there being no need to rush this one and I was in a relaxed frame of mind excuse the ‘pun’. That special moment I have been banging on about happened that I was not going to be aware of is that a friendly bee decided to join in the shot as well. Buzzing about and finally came to a point where I just fired of five or six frames to snap it hovering over an opening to the colorful flower.

Flower, Colour, bee


If I had said to my self at the moment ‘would be really good if an insect arrived and became part of this shot’ that I would have been waiting for hours or it would of never happened. And the person I was with anyway wanted to go to the pub!


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Opportune Moments

One thing that no one discusses out of being in this industry as a commercial photographer is the amount of desired times in a career that the ‘wonderful’ happens. By this I mean the possibility for the opportune moment that you were not counting on happening and you are the one that manages to ‘grab’ the shot. This has happened to me on more that one occasion. Sometimes you can predict the situation because you have been called to attend and the moment is hopeing to obtain a good shot and sometimes you have no warning and your instinctive reactions take over.

This is what almost all press photographers now rely on to earn a living. That special moment when you release the shutter of the camera and you have a ‘winner’ for publication. How many front page shots recently have we seen? The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine, even very recently the arrival of their new born baby. All waiting for that moment to have their name credited at the bottom of the page.

Unfortunately the waiting or just being in the right or even wrong place at the time gives you the opportune moment. This can happen to normal individuals in the street despite anyone who is in the profession as a corporate photographer. The times we see images of celebrities doing what they should or should not be doing. Images of tragedy that happen around the world. Many shots that we see on TV or papers are ones that have been taken at that split moment something happens many by amateurs.

Here in this photo that I’m not claiming to be anything greatly special is a perfect case of that moment where you can capture something that does not happen very often. Yes many people have captured a rainbow in the sky, walkers and anyone out and about. Have you ever said ‘oh if I only had a camera’. Well nowadays many do have a sort of image maker in the mobile phone but not a high resolution one to obtain the greater results.  

 Special momentThis image I took when I saw the rainbow, I just happened to have one of my cameras to had and I snapped it one afternoon when it had a sudden shower. It was in the sky for about two minuets! Not a great shot with rooftops of buildings and a telegraph pole but one where if it was displayed in an art gallery one could start a discussion on the beauty of the world against the harshness of industry and growth! Squint and it makes a good abstract really! I like it due to a rare situation that actually there are two rainbows appearing, come on that’s rare and counts as my ‘opportune moment’ for that day!

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