UKRD Group Ltd is a multi media company operating throughout the United Kingdom that owns and operates 16 local commercial radio stations. They have been positioned 1st in 2011, 2012 and again making the hat-trick in 2013 at The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For Awards.

The Sunday Times list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For is compiled from the views of employees and the policies of employers. Using a methodology now in its eleventh year and designed exclusively for the British workplace, it identifies best practice defined by performance in eight key indicators of workplace engagement, covering staff opinions on their leadership, their manager, immediate colleagues, pay and benefits, wellbeing, the firm’s willingness to give something back, people’s personal development and overall sense of affiliation with their employers.

The UKRD group is headed by their CEO Mr William Rogers who has commissioned for the third year in succession Peter Austin of Alternative Images to produce framed pictures for all of the individual radio stations. A montage of images that were taken on stage receiving the awards has been designed by Peter to include the individual radio station logo along side the UKRD logo.

 As a corporate photographer Peter has covered the awards evenings held by Best Companies in association with The Sunday Times for the past eight years being a regular spot in his diary.

UKRD, Sunday Times, corporate, frames

Peter Austin with William Rogers of the UKRD Group

The group every year hold a managers conference at various locations throughout the UK. This year the location chosen was Kilworth House Hotel and pictured on the left Peter with William delivering the frames to be distributed to the various station managers.

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What to consider when booking a Photographer

Booking or commissioning a photographer is more of a bigger decision that you thought.

Sometimes an event or situation that you need to cover or produce images for cannot be redone or any reshoots take place. So having the right person to do the job in the first instant is an important decision.

As I have mentioned before, agencies will have more than one photographer on their records. If the job is of a nature that would suite a certain person often then they would choose to use that photographer due to having worked for the company before or having the experience in that field.

It varies on the job in hand. Often in the PR world the photographs needed are not a technical difficulty but one where you need a style or person who is good with people and can create an image to promote it. For example here would be a product launch with perhaps a celebrity who is attending the event. The photos need to be eye catching and have a buzz about them so would be used for national press editorials.

On the other hand, for example would be where the photographs commissioned are suited for a studio environment. A photographer here would need to be very creative. Perhaps not working with people this time but may be working on product or creating a graphic artwork form a thought from a design agency for a company advertising campaign.

At Alternative I have experience in many key areas. As a commercial photographer I have covered many different aspects of photography. My clients are varied also. But whoever I am working for at any time they are assured that I am going to produce pleasing results. Having experience over the years in different areas does give me a wider field to supply for.

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Photographic Working Styles

All photographers have different shooting styles. Wedding photographers can have a style that is formal and capture the event in a traditional way. It all depends on what the client or in this case the wedding couple want from the day. Many times being a corporate event photographer in London and having experience with photographing people in event situations have been asked to accompany a traditional wedding photographer to do the candid or now liked to be called ‘reportage style’ photography. The shots you see of people who are unaware they are being photographed. This always gives great results at a wedding shoot.

Other photographers can be loud, excitable and dramatic. Others calm, quiet and reserved. Clients often choose a photographer sometimes for their manor than their actual photography skills to suite a situation or event. An example here is that if you have an event that is fun with a party atmosphere it is sometimes best to have a event photographer that is polite to people, knows how to handle groups so that he or she adds to the fun of the evenings entertainment but also providing a service and result but doesn’t need to have that certain skill. This is where I as an event/portrait photographer often shoot couples entering a large function and print on site. All adds to the success of the event. At one time a client asked me and a colleque to dress as paparazzi and shoot guest entering on the red carpet. We all had fun but here the photos were not at all in a serious nature I can assure you.

On the other hand a client may need a photographer who is controlled and is able to work at a function and hardly be noticed by the quests. Or to keep as low profile as possible. If you have an important meeting or event with prestigious people attending the last thing you want is a photographer being obtrusive, awkward and causing any disturbance. This is often a comment about the general press style photographer on the street who will do almost anything to obtain that shot to earn a living.

There is often within an agency two or three photographer on their records that they will use depending on their individual style. At Alternative I have a track record for working with prestigious PR companies and have been commissioned to attend and work at events where the guests have been Prime Ministers or Princes from various countries, so can be trusted to operate in a controlled manor and produce results for the client. 

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Sunday Times Best Companies Event Images Closes

The Sunday Times Best Companies Event Images Gallery has now closed for this year.

I hope you all had a good look through the galleries. If you do need an image and did not visit the site before now do contact me directly and I’ll be happy to help you.

Should your company have any event or project that requires photograhy or video that you would like to discuss please give me a call.

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