A Wider Angle

This is an interesting way of handling a situation that is a cheat in photography but gives you a true result as you at the time were seeing it. An advantage in the world of digital imagery we have today. This shot over fields to the lake in the distance was what I could see at the time. The problem in taking a photograph was how wide the view was. If you used a lens that would cover the whole width of this shot, quite a wide angle, there maybe some problems to encounter.

One, you may not get far enough back to obtain the whole image without some obstacle being in the way behind or just not enough space full stop! This was the case. The second would be that the wide angle lens curvature would distort the image and not give you a true horizon.

How to shoot wide angle

Colne Valley Regional Park

This image was shot in three parts. Being able to have high res on each frame gives more resolution overall than if it were shot in a single frame. The final shot was then ‘stitched’ together to create the image that was proving complex as a single photograph. This technique in corporate photography is useful when presented with a smaller space but want to convey the total area within. Possibly a shop counter or café area


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Audi HDR

What does HDR stand for? What is it? It’s an abbreviation for High Dynamic Range. Here is a photograph from a recent project of a car dealership that needed to be displayed as vibrant, exciting and modern. And being an Audi dealer had some vibrant and exciting models like the R8 I can tell you.

The weather on the day was not the best so how do you photograph this in a different way to obtain a shot that stands out from the rest of the crowd. In the corporate field this can happen and the situation faced with time restrictions sometimes needs a different approach.

If the shot was exposed only for the outside of the building the inside would be dull and lifeless. The sky also would bleed out into nothing with a single exposure. So needed here  was to take about five to seven frames of different exposures to capture the sky, building and inner available light. This gives you a variety of exposures highlighting different areas.  Then this is done in post production and the image created. The overall effect is not a cheat or false in any way but just obtaining different information and blending together that cannot be done in one hit. Now we have an image that is moody with a vibrant glow for the purpose it was needed.


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iday Events

Working with Engage Education who run iday events. These events are held at various locations and offer teachers a stress free job search. Meeting with heads of schools in the area provide a multiple opportunity to have interviews to find the right school for the teacher and in turn the right candidate for the school. Schools traditionally struggle to fill teaching vacancies in the core subject areas of English, Maths and Science where the UK talent pool is limited. With around seventy positions available at any iday event schools can have face-to-face interviews with teachers under one roof. Ben contacted Peter Austin of Alternative Images to cover recent events at Hotel Russell, London and the Athenaeum Bury St Edmunds for media relations and PR

iday events in the uk


iday teacher interviewiday at Athenaeum Bury St Edmunds

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Autumn Light

This time of year go out and have that stroll in the woods or through the park and see the wanders of autumn. This is a fantastic time if you are one to enjoy taking photographs of landscapes and views of our countryside. As a corporate photographer this does not usually allow me to go and photograph scenery like this as an assignment. But I make the time to go and explore with camera in hand.

Autumn Photography

Autumn Scenes


One of my favourite ways of shooting these scenes is to use the strong backlight that the sun has to offer. Shooting into the sun but slightly hiding it from the camera lens to reduce flare creates a glow effect on the trees and shines through to the foreground to highlight areas but still leaves a great deal of the image in a darkened tranquillity with depth and shape. Notice how on some of these the contrasting reflections and the detailed shadows on the ground really add to the feel of the photograph.

Autumn Colours


Late September and October the evenings start to draw in and the sun becomes low in the sky. This creates some of the long and moody shadows that make these images so interesting.

The colours alone at this time of year are so vibrant. I have found that due to the amount of rain the country has had in past months that still into early November the foliage on the tress are still quite green.

Recently walking beside a lake as it started to go dark, I quickly took a snap of the water and trees in the distance. Looking at the image later I decided it wasn’t a great shot of the lake and the foreground was dark and muddy and had no great interest as a photo. But with a little thought I found that by simply cropping it to an area that had shape and colour with the silhouette of tree branches against the sky made it into an image I could use at some later point as a background or insert.

Lake View Cropped

Cropped Lake View

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