Alternative Gears up for Awards and Conference Season 2013

Alternative gears up for the awards and conference season. Company events teams are now putting into place their ideas and plans for individual events for 2013. Now is the time to bring together the sale and marketing teams for discussion on what is to happen within their sector and the way foreword now a new year has begun. At the same time recognition to each individual team player are awarded not only to thank but to encourage others to stride foreword to their goal success.

Awards Conference Dinner

Awards Evenings

I have again this year be asked to attend the Sunday Times 100 Best Company to Work for Awards in conjunction with Best Companies to cover the events that spans two evenings in succession in February at the Evolution in Battersea. This event will see over 200 companies with over 2000 people hoping to achieve that prestigious first place achievement on the evening.

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Utilising Black and White Imagery

When working for clients being a corporate photographer and shooting conferences or events we are never asked if there is an angle that could make a difference to the final image. So often I keep in mind the possibilities to enhance the photographs that I take  making colours more vibrant and stand out from the screen. This is often the case at an event where the lighting is designed to be colourful and dramatic. On some shoots the colour of images can, due to conditions I cannot control such as outside lighting or weather situations, be dull. Here I have a system of enhancement that increases the range of the colours available to me and adjustments produce better detail in shadow areas to create not a false image but a controlled method to bring out the best from the image data. The wonders of digital are that as long as the shot contains the data information it can be worked upon.  The other and often forgotten way of making an image look special is to back in time and create a mix of colour and my old favourite Black and White. Even here snow on a branch is a great effect in Mono.We previously always looked at black and white. There was nothing else and our brains took this information and re created the possible colours present when taken. One of my likes is that you can then experiment with both at the same time. So when you have an image that you want to make a special point upon or a certain area this can be colour and the rest transformed into black and white to have an artistic effect.  Often now seen amongst wedding photographers in post production the choice of an image in its original colour or converted to mono. This shot of a hotel entrance still looks powerfull in Black and White and even has an artistic feel as it is.The photograph below that creates a scene using both colour and black and white to mix and single out areas of interest.Russell Hotel London

Couple Cafe Table Scene

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Video Promos for Web

Video production page just launched on Alternative Images web site. Here I have placed video clips that have been recently made for promotions for web use. I have recently been doing these using DSLR cameras that shoot full HD maintaining superb image quality. The footage is then edited and re coded for the web so clients can use within their own sites or place on social media platforms such as Facebook. The introduction of shooting on DSLR cameras is that I can at the same time shoot stills for an application and also run footage that can be edited at a later stage to accompany any article. Using this method is a cost effective way for clients. Being a simple but effective procedure fits most requirements and budgets bringing that extra wow factor.  Visit

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Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all who visit my blog and spend time viewing my updates. I hope this New Year will bring prosperity amongst us all and new and exciting things will happen throughout the year ahead. We need to ignore the warnings from NASA about the possible solar flare event due in 2013 and look foreword to the multiple announcement of the new Blackberry 10 late January. Think positive!

Alternative have enjoyed during 2012 researching, investing and putting into practice state of the art equipment that will enhance all the services I offer to our corporate, event and commercial clients.

The video production services, short advertising and information clips for the web to enhance your company profile will be one area I want to promote more to clients. The idea to keep things simple but effective and stay within a budget. For more information do call the main number or email an enquiry. I would be happy to discuss any future project you may have.

So this leaves me nothing else to say apart from ‘Illegitimi non carborundum’ and have a good year.

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