Alternative Prepare for Sunday Times Awards

Alternative Images has been commissioned by Best Companies, now the ninth year in succession to photograph the events for their publicity and also to work alongside the Sunday Times team to produce images for all companies who will attend the awards evenings in February.

Alternative Images is experience at photographing event evenings and has been supplying images to corporate companies for many years. A dedicated team is able to offer a complete solution to your requirements with a comprehensive array of services based around several key areas.

Alternative works closely alongside the team at Best Companies and the event producer   to add content to the show to make it even more entertaining and a great success. Images from the awards are displayed on the website at Alternative Images so providing a viewing gallery for all companies that attend.

For more information about Peter Austin of Alternative Images and the services offered please visit the main website or contact us directly.

Images from the awards will be uploaded to view Friday 1st March 2013

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Images from Alternative in Print

Kitchen Print Interior

Publication from Alternative Images

The Exclusive magazine is where one of my clients places adverts for their kitchen design company. They design bespoke kitchens for a range of houses and apartments throughout the North West London area. Alternative has been commissioned several times by them to produce images of the on site installations that enhance the adverts.

They can put in my hands complete trust in creating the look they need to achieve. Being a corporate photographer that also specialise in interior photography I have a proven track record in supplying what my clients expects from me. The campaign for these adverts has been running for the past five months within this publication and is always good to see ones work being used to promote a valued product.

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Alternative with Motion

In a previous blog post I informed that here at Alternative I have been using one of Nikons latest pieces of equipment the D800 camera for projects as corporate photographers in London when producing video sequences for clients. The camera that is a DSLR has great capabilities at shooting HD video and can obtain very pleasing results.

The idea behind this for my clients is that when on a stills shoot I can record quality footage for interviews or promotional work at the same visit to fit within a certain budget. Obviously the system is not I my case for making a feature film blockbuster but to be an addition to the services the company can offer.

Apple Motion Program Video

Motion Logo

Video editing is also offered to accompany the service. Usually the edits are straight forward. The client and I work on producing a project for a reason to put a point across to an audience. Sometimes it is not necessary to over crowd an edit with additional information to confuse the story. Alternative has invested to accompany the Final Cut Pro system I use a program called Motion. This works along side Final Cut as a motion graphic enhancer. It is quite an amazing program and does take a slight learning curve to start producing effects that can be used as intros to a video project that is being worked on. There is really only one thing that is need using the program, an imagination. The effects are endless using colours, spotlights and various tools available to you.


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Alternative Images at the Bulgari Hotel, London

On Thursday 31 January I was asked to attend a corporate event shooting for a company that has launched a new product for internet security. The Bulgari Hotel has a private cinema viewing facility and the company held a private screening with a live webcast from New York to their clients. This then was followed by a question and answer session with the panel from heads of the company.

This session gave me another great chance to explore the capabilities of the Nikon D4 camera due to being asked not to use flash and shoot with available light. The room was dimly light with only soft spot floods so here I used virtually the full range of high ISO this camera can achieve. Most of the shots were taken at around the 10000 ISO setting and yet again produced great results.

Bulgari Hotel Cinema

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