Video Project Completed

Just off the hot press from Alternative Images Photography is another video project for one of our clients. This was shot during the Autumn period and utilised the colours of the season to make it exciting and set the scene for the outside shoot. It took around two days on site to gather all material sticking to a well draughted story boarded shoot script that was dependant on the weather being just right. We needed bright days without strong sunlight. This was because the subject matter was silver metal that reflected wildley. So what was needed was bubbly white clouds to act as a large diffuser and a soft breeze to help with the audio element.

The edit took place soon after to produce the five short videos needed. My client said that ‘now the shoot was done that the easy bit was next’. How wrong. I our experience the shoot is actually the easier part and the edit can be the long process of any video making.

I used again on this perticular shoot the D800 that I earlier wrote a blog about that gave yet again fantastic results for a standard practical piece of equipment. The edit was done using FCPX on Mac. Our client was very happy with the outcome and  was quite impressed with how a small camera like this produced such good results. Well I put it all down to the operator!

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Light Tricks with an Alternative

It’s that time of year again when as either a professional or amature photographer when you can go out and test and experiment with your cameras. One of the favourite classes I believe with any lecture is to offer students the chance to go out and explore what the daylight can offer. Autumn, as the leaves turn golden and the sunlight becomes more yellow the colour varieties to capture are vast. One of my prefered styles when photographing scenes in the woods is to shoot into the sun. This is much easier at this time of year due to the sun being less strong than in summer, lower in the sky and you can hide it behind various parts of the trees to produce a glow effect. This in turn also creates some wonderfull shadow detail. In one of these photos it demonstates how the shadows of the trees are laying down towards the photographer and making a scene into a mystic dance of colour and shapes on the ground. The beauty of it all is that once captured the possability of the same scene reappering the next day in the same spot is greatly reduced.

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So when you have time to spare go out and photograph the wonders of this time of year. I often do to keep up a library of images should I need to refer to them at some point in the future. And if a client needs an image for a project and the choice is to obtain from a library source or refer to my stock pile it serves the purpose. I also do it because its great exercise and I love finding new places to capture on camera. Tha’ts why!


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General Matters

This past month has been a busy time for Alternative Images, corporate photographers in London and have unfortunally been unable to report on any specific items due to the demand on our services after the summer break for most. It is always a trend that a soon as holiday times are over and companies get back to work with avengance that the phone and emails start flooding in.

We have been busy on another video assignment that will take a while to shoot and produce so that will be reported on in another blog once the completion of it has happened. Apart from that there are many events that we have been busy quoting for clients for now and well into 2014. Some have been run of the mill events that happen and other have been quite complex requests that have been a marathon on the keypad with typing and emailing. Clients have recently been requesting that we give them ideas to create the solution to a situation that they have be asked. This is all part of the service from us we are here to achieve the impossible if it can be done. And it is always fun to pull together an idea and not just quote a job needed but to be a valuable resource to our clients to help out with the logistics of an event. Because we have most probably done or designed something similar before we have the experience to advise others. And you thought that we just go around snapping with cameras! So until next time we will keep busy and report back with what has been happening in our area of this industry.

A new look is our revised email signature to brighten up any email to accompany our quotes. Apart from the information and competitive price structure! Hope you agree. Do let us know.

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