Take Your Photos on the Night

The time is fast approaching for companies and charities to hold annual events for good causes. Many companies have events that combine a business element with a conference agenda throughout the day and then reward their employees with an awards evening dinner with entertainment as a thank you for the year’s productivity.

Charities also assemble and invite guests to attend a special event. A good excuse to socialise and meet old friends. Guests can purchase tickets for a summer ball or themed evening that give a revenue stream for the good cause.

Here Alternative has the solution and is asked to attend an event and produce images via a Printing On Site system. Photographs are taken as guests arrive, often as couples in their evening dress and then printed at the venue so ready to collect and take away with them on departure.

This for one provides an extra wow factor at the event being entertaining and a useful service. Secondly for fundraising events can produce extra income for the charity by us Alternative Images donating a percentage of sales to the cause. A win win situation for the organisers.

Alternative can organise a mobile studio set up or just use the pleasant surroundings of the venue as a backdrop. Often the venue works best because it gives a reminder of where the evening was held. Many locations are old stately homes or manor houses that have fantastic decoration with vast stairways in the hallway.

Below is an advert placed in a local newspaper by Alternative to inform event organisers of the service offered

Event Printing,Awards Dinners

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