Hilton T5 Conference

Alternative Images has recently been working at the Hilton Hotel T5 Heathrow for a corporate company who invited guests from overseas for the two day event. This hotel is well situated for the delegates to attend being within easy reach of the airport. Though the conference meeting was a fully packed schedule, as always the host company made some light hearted activities within the day using a set of jenga to bring some breaks to the business that was being discussed.

Who would make it fall first? After most of the delegates had their turn. It stood all day!

The evening was a fun affair with plenty of drinking and eating. The food on offer was a selection of different buffet areas where you could go and try from Indian to Italian dishes at leisure. There was a competition throughout the event and in the later part of the evening an awards ceremony took place that was a relaxed affair, good job it was due to the merriment by that stage!

Conference Hilton Heathrow

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