Portraits at Crendon Timber

Another regular client of mine Camilla contacted me during August to be her preferred photographer for a new client of hers. This company is Crendon Timber that is situated near Oxford. They are a partner company of Snows Timber who are a larger firm that supply bespoke timber trusses for roofing. If you bought a new house within England now there would be a pretty good chance that the wooden roof material was supplied by Crendon.

The company has appointed a new MD, Alistair, who has only joined recently and getting his feet firmly under the desk and is running the company with a positive approach. Crendon during the summer months have been so busy with orders that they are working shifts and are open seven days a week and working into the evenings as well burning the midnight oil!! What a lovely situation to be in not to be wondering where the next order is coming from.

Alternative Images who has also a web site designed for the London PR markets at Corporatephotography.london held a portrait session for the company that consisted of sixteen head shots of the management team. Then we went out into the stormy conditions for some active portraits of the newly appointed MD Alistair with some of the product they produce. Crendon want to expand their photographic portfolio so I am looking foreword to getting up onto the rooftops and obtaining those desired images for them.

Crendon Timber

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NAHT Aspire at Grand Connaught Rooms July 2015

It is time to catch up on events that have happened during the summer months at Alternative Images. As the holiday season approached as always companies tend to wind down and place themselves into a sense of ‘tick over mode’ with the thought of people being away on their annual holidays with family and the companies staff being off work for fortnightly periods in turn. So I spent roughly five weeks in between photo assignments re-vamping the kitchen. Who needs a beach!

It does quieten down work wise in my industry as well during the summer months, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear from one of my long standing clients that has been away from the media sector for a while back working with the NAHT (national association of head teachers) and wanting me to cover a networking learning conference for them held early July at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London.

The day was a filled with informative speeches and three sessions of workshops held in various suites at the venue with titles such as ‘Helping teaches see what children see’ and a special presentation from a company that delivers designed software that is used to enhance the experience within the school classroom. What amused me while I was snapping away with one of my favourite lenses was how the presentation to all in the room sounded as if we were all wearing short trousers and eight years old. But we did behave ourselves and no one needed to go to the toilet!


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