New Heights with Roof Trusses

At the close of the year for Alternative I have been working for a client that bespoke designs and makes roof trusses for new build developments. During the summer I was asked to do a portrait session for the company when they had appointed a new MD and obviously made an impression with them then due to being asked to take on this project to widen their portfolio of images for the company.

I am now working with a director of the company and have shot a recent development that is a care home on three stories that is in its final stages of roof completion where the company are involved. I was quite impressed with how much goes into the design of roof building and the quantity of wood needed to building such a structure.

Not that I’m overly keen on heights but It was quite fun climbing the stairs of the scaffold that had five levels and you new you were fairly high when on a three story building you were walking up past the guttering level and beyond to the vast flat roof area where some of these shots were taken. And dare not look down!

In the new year I am scheduled to cover a slightly different design at a private girls school who are erecting a concert hall that has specially designed large windows that sit within wood frames from the company. I have already done a site visit and pleased to say its not so high this time!

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Be Inspired with Imperial

Been a busy time the last quarter of the month and not had much time to report back with what’s been going on. Alternative was once again involved with the autumn conference for the European business area of the group and held the event as last year at the Hilton Heathrow T5.

The conference was at a fast moving pace wanting to include as much detail and information as possible in the one day event. We started at prompt half past nine and went virtually straight through until six that evening only stopping for short coffee refreshments and a swift lunch break.

During the conference there was a schedule of eighteen presenters that I had to capture on the stage. That’s quite a lot of camera clicks using a mono pod so I was able to move around as quietly as possible. Also using quiet shutter on my D4! I was working for my usual client but was supplying images on the day to a new employee of the group who was handling the marketing area of the conference. This I made more easy for him to handle because I downloaded and sorted the images into the categories as and when it all happened.

As in Imperial fashion the event would not be complete without the evening function of a grand spread of various foods of the world, all in one place, so whatever your fancy it would be there, and to complete the evening there was a celebration with awards held by the CEO Alison Cooper.

ITL November Conference

ITL November Conference

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