A Wider Angle

This is an interesting way of handling a situation that is a cheat in photography but gives you a true result as you at the time were seeing it. An advantage in the world of digital imagery we have today. This shot over fields to the lake in the distance was what I could see at the time. The problem in taking a photograph was how wide the view was. If you used a lens that would cover the whole width of this shot, quite a wide angle, there maybe some problems to encounter.

One, you may not get far enough back to obtain the whole image without some obstacle being in the way behind or just not enough space full stop! This was the case. The second would be that the wide angle lens curvature would distort the image and not give you a true horizon.

How to shoot wide angle

Colne Valley Regional Park

This image was shot in three parts. Being able to have high res on each frame gives more resolution overall than if it were shot in a single frame. The final shot was then ‘stitched’ together to create the image that was proving complex as a single photograph. This technique in corporate photography is useful when presented with a smaller space but want to convey the total area within. Possibly a shop counter or café area


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