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In a previous blog post I informed that here at Alternative I have been using one of Nikons latest pieces of equipment the D800 camera for projects as corporate photographers in London when producing video sequences for clients. The camera that is a DSLR has great capabilities at shooting HD video and can obtain very pleasing results.

The idea behind this for my clients is that when on a stills shoot I can record quality footage for interviews or promotional work at the same visit to fit within a certain budget. Obviously the system is not I my case for making a feature film blockbuster but to be an addition to the services the company can offer.

Apple Motion Program Video

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Video editing is also offered to accompany the service. Usually the edits are straight forward. The client and I work on producing a project for a reason to put a point across to an audience. Sometimes it is not necessary to over crowd an edit with additional information to confuse the story. Alternative has invested to accompany the Final Cut Pro system I use a program called Motion. This works along side Final Cut as a motion graphic enhancer. It is quite an amazing program and does take a slight learning curve to start producing effects that can be used as intros to a video project that is being worked on. There is really only one thing that is need using the program, an imagination. The effects are endless using colours, spotlights and various tools available to you.


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