Does Your Website Need Video

The world wide web has now become our most favourite shop. And it’s a well known fact that a good deal of the nation will look to the web to shop for either goods, find information or services.

So if your in business to attract customers, what do you have? A website! It’s all about communication. And when a visitor lands to your website they need to see if you can supply what they are looking for within a very short time frame. It is also a well researched fact that people don’t want to spend time reading to find the information.

So make it easy TELL THEM!

The Benefit of adding a custom video to your website. This allows the viewer to be informed with a single click. What, how, where on any of the desired platforms your site is viewed on.
 Because of this, many businesses have found it valuable to use video to quickly convey their primary value proposition.

Having video on your site makes it easy for the viewer. Video can explain a more complex message than script. It keeps the viewer engaged and therefor more likely to purchase your service or product. This way of thinking is for any small business, right up to the multinationals. So don’t think that your business is not large enough to have one, think the opposite. It needs one.

The prospect of taking on the challenge of producing such a project can be somewhat intimidating if its not your day to day thing. There are various areas to consider to make sure you convey your message. Here at Alternative, helping people and companies to do this better, more creatively and more effectively is a plesure to have. We would both come together and start with a process known as the “Story Boarding” that will address scripts, planned visuals and locations for the shoot to tell the story.

The process to making a video can be fairly complex, but that’s where I come in!
If you feel this could be right for you and would like to know more please do contact me.


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Would You Take The WARNING?

Studio Photography, Product ShotsThe end of March for me at Alternative Images was a busy time with a photographic consignment from a company called MC Electronics who design and manufacture a complete range of works signage for the railway services industry and distribute all over the world.

Their main distribution unit is located in Bracknell where my client and I decided to set up and hold the studio shoot. The product design is one that has built in reflection aids so can be seen in various light situations. Being a warning sign this is a requirement that is paramount. To save time on the day of the shoot I decided to run test shots beforehand of some items to accomplish the best treatment to photograph the product range.

The client spent some time in organising the items and created a check list that we could work to. We were aiming to shoot in the region of sixty items during the day and I had asked this to be done so we kept sizes and types of product grouped together so we did not have to change the set up to often.

The day arrived and we travelled to the works unit. In an hour I had unloaded on site and shortly had the studio lighting all set up. This was kept quite simple with a large diffuser soft box that was on a boom arm positioned over the white backdrop that swept along the floor. The background wanted to be bleached out white so two back lamps were used and the front lighting was mainly reflected via using white card pieces positioned at each shot.

I was please with my decision to do test shots because this gave me a good start from the off and in no time at all was flying down the list of item to photograph. By late afternoon and even stopping for a quick refreshment lunch I had accomplished the shoot in one session that we thought may overrun into the next day. All down to planning.

All the images then had to go through the “post pro” procedure that was done the following day. The images are to be used online, a new catalogue for the company and the future Railtex exhibition stand at the Birmingham NEC in May.

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The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For Awards 2017

The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for Awards 2017

         Photographs from the Awards held on the 22nd and 23rd February 2017
Images from the awards are available to view and purchase in various file formats for website, internal company or press publication by quotation only by clicking link below:




         Please CALL 07710 099267 to discuss your requirements.


Purchase obtains the copyright permission to use images discussed with Alternative Images.
Note: All images are individually quoted with a pricing structure (please call) 
Quantity print order discounts available by quotation

On site select either Page Selection or by Category

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 View the image site, note image number to the LEFT of the image Ref xxx etc. Call to discuss requirements. Send an email with all company information including any Purchase Order Number required to Once received we email the original high res images to your address or send link to a download platform. We then invoice the company.

Images will be displayed during March only
. All images are the copyright of Peter Austin of Alternative Images Photography

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Shoot Corporate Video for Training

Alternative Images is an established photographic company that delivers images of the highest quality to their clients. Video production is an area that the company also has a wide knowledge base and makes video content for company conferences, marketing and training projects. In the portfolio the vision is to address the need for website video production to engage with the audience of large or smaller companies to deliver a message in a short direct piece.

The use of designed graphics always enhances a video production. These can be kept simple or made quite complex but again this is determined for the client in how much is needed for the application. Graphics can be made just to change the scene or break away from the footage or be designed to explain or show a certain procedure within the video content. Enjoy!

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