Having a Smoke on a Roof Top

Hello everyone its been a while since my last report of what I have been doing as a corporate photographer for Alternative Images.

It seems that I had so much to do with other projects recently that to find the time to sit and write a catch up piece for the blog had to take a back seat for a while.
So I’m back and have a few interesting items to share with you. Hope that you find enjoyable.

Back in May I was asked to do a small project for Simon from Delta Ventilation, who owns a company that deals with new builds where fire and smoke is an issue.
The company installs and maintains a smoke extraction system that is designed to remove smoke from a building when is on fire so any people who are escaping from a scene are helped so the smoke does not indanger their lives. Many lives are lost more from the smoke inhelation than the flames or heat itself.

Here we set up a controlled situation and notified the near by emergency services that we were going to re intact a fire event. The corridors of the eighth floor were flooded with artificial smoke, this looked pretty realistic to me, and we set up camera equipment on the roof top of the eleven story building know as Victoria Halls in Kings Cross that has been built for accommodation for students for the nearby university and colleges, though the rent is designed for the more wealthy student while studying in London.

I was shooting video using two Nikon D810 DSLR cameras to make a sequence piece that was going to be used at an exhibition for Delta at the Excel centre later in June. The large powerful fans of the system started up and the auto process was underway. Within no time at all the extraction funnels were blowing the large volume of smoke away from the corridor of the eighth floor into the skies above and we had our shots we needed for the production.

Later in June I visited the Excel and photographed the exhibition stand for Delta that had the video we made running on a visual display.

Delta Blog

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The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For Awards 2016

The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for Awards 2016

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New Heights with Roof Trusses

At the close of the year for Alternative I have been working for a client that bespoke designs and makes roof trusses for new build developments. During the summer I was asked to do a portrait session for the company when they had appointed a new MD and obviously made an impression with them then due to being asked to take on this project to widen their portfolio of images for the company.

I am now working with a director of the company and have shot a recent development that is a care home on three stories that is in its final stages of roof completion where the company are involved. I was quite impressed with how much goes into the design of roof building and the quantity of wood needed to building such a structure.

Not that I’m overly keen on heights but It was quite fun climbing the stairs of the scaffold that had five levels and you new you were fairly high when on a three story building you were walking up past the guttering level and beyond to the vast flat roof area where some of these shots were taken. And dare not look down!

In the new year I am scheduled to cover a slightly different design at a private girls school who are erecting a concert hall that has specially designed large windows that sit within wood frames from the company. I have already done a site visit and pleased to say its not so high this time!

Roof design, trusses , development

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Simple Graphics with Video Production

It does not matter if a company is large or small, video should be recognised as one of the best marketing strategies to promote a company. This type of video aims to introduce you and your business to your target audience, outlining what you do and how you help your customers. Your digital marketing strategy may include your website, SEO (search engine optimisation), social media, newsletters, blogging, and email marketing.

The world of video content has been on the increase. It has been proven that if an article on a website has a small video clip amongst it to describe or explain that article in more detail it holds its viewers attention for a longer period. A viewer cannot resist a click!

People assume that video is an expensive direction to head and have the need for large budgets. The answer to that is, yes, it can be. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what you want to put into it. I am asked “How much will a video cost to do ……” and in discussions, without being flippant, the answer is how long is a piece of string. This is where having the experience of talking to a client and extracting what they want to portray and where it is to be used often results in a project that is in line with the clients thinking.

An area of video production that is often missed out or not thought about by clients is the use of graphics and text to a project. Adding text to the beginning of a piece gives it a starting point and can often gage its content right from the start. This instantly gains interest. This can be simple or complex, all comes back to that question of budget but even simple well though out graphics can enhance a video article.

Here is a simple floating graphic of my company name. All it does is produce movement to the beginning of a video. It could be yours or your company logo but makes a viewer intrigued to its content.



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