Utilising Black and White Imagery

When working for clients being a corporate photographer and shooting conferences or events we are never asked if there is an angle that could make a difference to the final image. So often I keep in mind the possibilities to enhance the photographs that I take  making colours more vibrant and stand out from the screen. This is often the case at an event where the lighting is designed to be colourful and dramatic. On some shoots the colour of images can, due to conditions I cannot control such as outside lighting or weather situations, be dull. Here I have a system of enhancement that increases the range of the colours available to me and adjustments produce better detail in shadow areas to create not a false image but a controlled method to bring out the best from the image data. The wonders of digital are that as long as the shot contains the data information it can be worked upon.  The other and often forgotten way of making an image look special is to back in time and create a mix of colour and my old favourite Black and White. Even here snow on a branch is a great effect in Mono.We previously always looked at black and white. There was nothing else and our brains took this information and re created the possible colours present when taken. One of my likes is that you can then experiment with both at the same time. So when you have an image that you want to make a special point upon or a certain area this can be colour and the rest transformed into black and white to have an artistic effect.  Often now seen amongst wedding photographers in post production the choice of an image in its original colour or converted to mono. This shot of a hotel entrance still looks powerfull in Black and White and even has an artistic feel as it is.The photograph below that creates a scene using both colour and black and white to mix and single out areas of interest.Russell Hotel London

Couple Cafe Table Scene

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