Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

as of 21 May 2018

Information I collect:
What information will I use
How will your information be used
When I can use your information
The Period for which I will keep your information
Who will we share your information with
Transferring your information internationally
Your choices and rights
Data Retention
Protecting your personal information

This Privacy Policy explains which personal data I collect and how I use such data

Information I collect is information that is supplied or you have supplied directly to me

Cookies are only collected via the website. You have a choice to accept.

All data produced, managed and kept by the company will only be used for the purpose it is held/intended for.

In no circumstances shall any private/personal data be shard, disclosed to anyone without the client’s permission.

All data produced as work shall only be supplied to that client

No information will be transferred internationally

Your choices and rights will be adhered to

Data will be retained on your request or only as needed by the company

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