Alternative Images Goes Sky High

I am pleased to announce that Alternative Images has joined forces with professional drone pilot Stuart to add to the services offered by the company.

In the past year, as we all know, the use of drones for filming has become more popular. Many production and TV companies use them for filming sequences that in previous years could only be done with a full size and costly aircraft. Drones in the ‘right hands’ can add fantastic effect to large or small projects either for still shoots or video footage.

Video production is on the increase with short introduction interviews to explain what a company does and what it can provide for their customers.
The productions have so much to offer businesses and these are being used on web sites and social media platforms to enhance the viewers experience. So whatever your video project is about, Alternative has the means to add aerial footage as an addition to the main production in either 1080p or 4K resolution.

Why use Alternative?

We have heard in the news a number of incidents where drones have been used by members of the public in very stupid circumstances. This has come about because drones have been advertised and sold freely as ‘great toys’ and the latest must have, not knowing what damage whizzing propellers attached to a lump of travelling plastic can do.

I have over twenty years or so been a member of a model flying club, flying RC helicopters where to be a member of that club you needed to pass tests to prove that you had gained experience of handling such an aircraft. This in turn meant that you were insured and registered with The British Model Flying Association (BMFA).

Cub Member Stuart also an experienced RC pilot with helicopter has flown drones since their arrival and holds the correct Aerial filming CAA Operators licence with insurance. This is the qualification anyone using a craft to fly in certain areas should have and should be enforced. This qualification and our combined flying knowledge and Stuarts years of experience with RC aircraft ensures the best and safest procedure possible.


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