Alternative Images Gear Up for Sunday Times Awards 2014

Peter Austin of Alternative Images Photography has been commissioned by Best Companies, now the tenth year in succession to photograph the events on the evenings of the 26th and 27th February for their publicity and also to work alongside the Sunday Times photographic team to produce images for all companies who will attend the awards evenings in February.

Alternative Images is experience at photographing event evenings and has been supplying images to corporate companies for many years. A dedicated team is able to offer a complete solution to your requirements with a comprehensive array of services based around several key areas.

Alternative works closely alongside the team at Best Companies and the event producerĀ to add content to the show to make it even more entertaining and a great success. The area Peter specialises in is to capture fun images of the guests as they arrive and these are displayed on two giant screens as a graphic as the guests take their seats amongst the hundred or so tables that can take fifteen minuets to complete.

Images from the presentation awards are displayed on the website at Alternative Images Photography so providing a viewing and purchase gallery for all companies that attend.

For more information about Peter Austin of Alternative Images and the services offered please visit the main website or contact him directly.

Images from the awards will be uploadedĀ to view Saturday 1st March 2014

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