Down on the River

It has been a busy time for Alternative Images recently with various proposals for 2014 already being asked for. And Christmas hasn’t even happened. But all companies need to prepare for the next year in advance to gain the next level of achievement to stay ahead of the competition.

I was asked to attend a function for ITL at the Runnymede Hotel on the Thames recently to cover the evening’s activities. The day was a briefing conference with an evening of a lighter feel with amusing video clips that were done by the various countries that attended. Many from mostly Europe so there were many languages apparent within the room.

 A good touch by the organising team was the variety of foods on offer for the delegates. There was roast beef and Chinese to a vast selection of Mediterranean food displayed.  After the meal the evening came to a conclusion with a small awards ceremony for the best entertaining video from the teams.

All the images were sorted and supplied swiftly from Alternative to the marketing team of ITL the following day sent via ftp server to be available for the in house news publication.

Awards, corporate evening,runnymede hotel

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