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Video content is now a vital addition to a web site. How many sites do you visit and there is some reference to view a video to explain or show the subject searched? As a corporate photographer and video producer this is what I have previously written an article about. That is the availability to produce video clips for a range of applications quite easily and within a given budget. Here we have some simple garden tools that a small company is trying to launch onto the market place. The request was a clip to place to a web site and launch to Vimeo so having a link to place to various applications. It is simple an ideally would have been good to have a voice over, it was unfortunate that the budget was restricted, but we managed to produce a sequence that is of good quality and usable to send the message he wanted. This was produced purely with the D800 DSLR camera we obtain last year with a standard mike to enhance the sound captured in the footage. We located an area to create the scene and wrote a basic story line to demonstrate the items. This production is a way of making clips for many small outlets, jewellery designers, craft makers and cottage industries alike.

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FCPX with Alternative Images

In previous blogs it has been mentioned that at Alternative Images, apart from stills photography that is offered as our main service to the corporate industry sector, is the wider use of video content and how it is growing.

It is now with the use of DSLR cameras to obtain a high degree of quality for a desired budget for various applications. It has been said that the service offered is one from the ground up to making very complex sequences for conferences or business sales pitches but this all comes down to the individual situation that it would be needed for within the market place.

At Alternative we always want to be ahead of the game. Always ready to act for our clients and give them the best service possible. This means that we keep up with the latest hardware and software for all applications and address the functionality of all services.

We attend many training courses and have discussions with the most technical people on the latest updates and techniques available. Not that we don’t know how to use our equipment but have an attitude that there is something more we can add or learn to make us even better. Things are always changing, so we keep up.

We use the video editing program by Apple ‘FCPX’ and have recently been on a refresher seminar to interact with others on ideas and techniques to keep abreast of the market. Alternative are investing in their company and people to maintain their market prominence in this sector. So if your company needs training videos to address employees or short video clips for web site content we have the ability to produce the content required.

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Video Promos for Web

Video production page just launched on Alternative Images web site. Here I have placed video clips that have been recently made for promotions for web use. I have recently been doing these using DSLR cameras that shoot full HD maintaining superb image quality. The footage is then edited and re coded for the web so clients can use within their own sites or place on social media platforms such as Facebook. The introduction of shooting on DSLR cameras is that I can at the same time shoot stills for an application and also run footage that can be edited at a later stage to accompany any article. Using this method is a cost effective way for clients. Being a simple but effective procedure fits most requirements and budgets bringing that extra wow factor.  Visit

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