What is it that you do?

If you attend a lot of networking event’s then this is probably a question that you are asked on a regular basis.

‘What is it that you do?’

And then you best describe what that is in a short paragraph.

‘I’m a photographer and video producer for corporate and medium sized businesses.’ I reply.

Of course there is more to what I do than that. Yes, I go to locations and take photographs for an interior or lifestyle publication. Or video where a director is explaining a procedure or showcase a company’s product or services. I put things together, I make things happen. I help businesses and people create the right image to promote their company.

But what else do I do? Apart from the obvious roles within my profession, what is it that I am also helping to achieve?

  • I help businesses to grow by raising their profile and showcase what they do
  • I create imagery that grabs people’s attention and gets them noticed
  • I help people with the ideas for script and video storyboarding
  • I help with presenting styles to camera on video shoots
  • I also save clients costs by working with them as and when they need me on a project


But, what I strive to do above everything else is to supply a complete professional service to my clients. And because I love my job, I hope my passion, experience and enthusiasm comes through when people ask me, ‘What is it that you do?’

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