Mars at the Marriott

At the beginning of June I had been asked to work for an American company who were arranging the strategies for a conference for the world famous business group Mars. This company was BMGZ from New Jersey and had specially flown over a team and members of Mars from the US. The conference was held at the Marriott Hotel Slough for the convenience of the airport and also the location of the UK Mars factory in Slough.

This was a three day event and was held with a fast pace of meetings in the main arena followed by various break out sessions. This was also accompanied by a visit to the Mars factory on two of the days with meetings and teams dressing in the appropriate protective attire to visit the factory production lines. The entire event came to a conclusion with a company dinner held at the hotel where I organised a large group shot of all who attended that the image very quickly found its way into a ‘people’ sequence that was viewed on screen during the evening.

mars, event photography

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