Audi HDR

What does HDR stand for? What is it? It’s an abbreviation for High Dynamic Range. Here is a photograph from a recent project of a car dealership that needed to be displayed as vibrant, exciting and modern. And being an Audi dealer had some vibrant and exciting models like the R8 I can tell you.

The weather on the day was not the best so how do you photograph this in a different way to obtain a shot that stands out from the rest of the crowd. In the corporate field this can happen and the situation faced with time restrictions sometimes needs a different approach.

If the shot was exposed only for the outside of the building the inside would be dull and lifeless. The sky also would bleed out into nothing with a single exposure. So needed here  was to take about five to seven frames of different exposures to capture the sky, building and inner available light. This gives you a variety of exposures highlighting different areas.  Then this is done in post production and the image created. The overall effect is not a cheat or false in any way but just obtaining different information and blending together that cannot be done in one hit. Now we have an image that is moody with a vibrant glow for the purpose it was needed.


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