SCA Timber Supply at Wickes Store Opening

Alternative Images, corporate photographer in London, were on hand again on the 11th December for the opening day of the new Wickes store in Elstree. PR agent Camilla Hair for SCA Timber Supply who is producing an article of the events that led up to the companies involvement with supplying the entire timber products to the group, had asked for more photography of the wood stock that has been supplied to the store. 

It was quite a task to sort all the different types and sizes of wood and place them into the specially designed shelving or upstanding racking that has been priced and bar coded. This was all pre determined on how it was to be done with the customer focus view point considered to make it more easily available and for manoeuvre of large and heavy items.

The day was enriched by a visit from the CEO of SCA Timber Supply who personally came and viewed the installation and how it was all conducted by the team. I managed to grab a quick photo shoot with him congratulating the store manager of Wickes who had a great deal of involvement with the entire layout behind the scenes. It was no time at all until customers who made the visit that misty morning to the store were looking amongst the shelving and walking away with their purchases of SCA Timber.

After producing the photos for Camilla and supplying them to her for the article she was kind enough to remark on ‘how I did’ for her and the company. This was kind being the first time I have worked for her as a new client who found Alternative Images on Google.

“Alternative Images were superb. Highly flexible, perfectionist and quick to react in a fast-moving situation.  Post-production was speedy and efficient, delivering everything we required.”

SCA Timber, Wickes, CEO

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