That Time of Year Again

It’s that time of year again with Christmas just around the corner. Where did autumn go? Time to send out a greeting of goodwill and cheer. This year I decided to brave the somewhat chilly spell we have had and venture out and capture a scene ‘as we corporate photographers do’ that is a bit different from traditional Christmas cards. A scene with a little tongue in cheek humour. Well its Christmas isn’t it!

I’ve decided to send ecards this year, not to be lazy about it but we all want to ‘save the planet’ with paper usage and above all ‘the price of postage!’ So here it is. If I have missed anyone out in my mailing do have a good Christmas, and by the way there is a bottle of bubbly to be won in a prize draw, so email me to be entered. Merry Christmas. Click image to expand.

Christmas Wishes Image

London 2012

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