Bond Jaws and Odd Job at Shepperton Studios

A great time was had by all with a recent Bond Themed event held at Shepperton Studios for Imperial Brands. I was asked to be the official photographer to capture the evening as the guest sales and marketing teams from various countries made their way into the grand house that sits onsite at the studios with meeting rooms, offices for film industry companies and areas for events they came across the original Aston Martin DB5 used in Goldfinger.

On arrival in the main reception they were greeted by some of the Bond film characters. (actors). Jaws and Odd Job were there to firstly greet and cause some memorable moments with attendees before they were greeted by 007 Bond himself with a few ever popular Bond girls. Many of the fellas were only to happy to have their photos taken with them!

The event progressed with a drinks reception before entering the main area where an awards presentation was held to give recognition to the winning teams within the company. Swiftly moving on with a food buffet and further entertainment of roulette tables and music from the band.
These evenings are a light relief from a busy day of conference. They are also a good way to reward their sales teams in combining fun with a bit of business.

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Event Onsite Printing

Here at Alternative Images we offer a service of onsite printing for events, parties and black tie balls. Or whatever your function may be. We offer corporate packages for companies that hold awards dinners, charity fundraisers or just want to add more fun to an evening for their guests. On arrival at the drinks reception couple photographs are the preference for a momento from the evening. Often at charity events we donate back a percentage of sales to the charity in question to help with the fundraising. If you would like more information please contact us to discuss your event.

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UKRD Wins for the Fourth Year

Privately owned radio operator, UKRD Group, was celebrating after claiming the Number 1 spot on the “Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For Awards 2014” for the fourth year in a row. Peter Austin of Alternative Images was there to photograph the event over the two evenings of the awards held by The Sunday Times and Best Companies. Images are placed on line to view for the quests and again the CEO of UKRD, William Rogers has asked Alternative to produce another set of celebration framed artworks from images that were taken as the company received the award on stage. One of this years bespoke designs is shown below. Each of the seventeen stations receives a personalised memento to have at their own location with the branded station logo incorporated to the design.

UKRD Win Sunday Times Awards

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Luck or Experienced Calculation

‘You have it so easy’ say you out there. Perhaps not! As a photographer for Events and Public Relations in London I am asked to shoot various people or objects in situations that sometimes have not a great deal of control, but I need to come home with the shot.

Over past years in these situations, that can be, not stressing but certainly let the adrenaline rush through your body, I have only had a few moments where I can honestly say ‘Is this going to go right for me?’ Or is this going to work out, will I loose out or become a winner with the wow factor and obtain that perfect frame. One time I remember was when I was working for American Airlines and needed to take a photo of Gary Lineker who at the time was in his prime of his football career with the England team on a training day. We needed a run of images for a PR article, I managed to fire off about three frames before he turned ran away from the gathered photographers to join his team mates on the training pitch. This was one situation that was going all ok but the tide turns very quickly sometimes and even in efforts to request his return ‘could you please come back not quite finished’ fell on deaf ears and as yet have not had the opportunity to meet him again in the flesh to thank him for that one.The images I got were fine for the article.

This one was great fun! It was a very early start. 5.20am to be precise. But apparently these balloonists like to float on the early morning thermals. I believe that actually it’s because they don’t know where they may land and when so need the rest of the day to make their way home, but hay that’s just my opinion. All the preparation of erecting these huge floating bubbles was nearing the end and shortly they will be off. Quite a dramatic experience really as they fire up the balloon and the basket drags alone the ground to lift up into the sky. Then complete calm as they float away in the distance. So my opportunity is close to achieve that shot. How well was this going for me.

All the balloons left within a good time frame and the soft breeze gently let them gain distance, there it was. The moment I was hoping for. Now feeling somewhat alone, with a slight adjustment to the angle by running to my left in the long bumpy grass of the field, I had the three balloons in the frame. The nearest one dominant in the picture displaying bold colours, the others just starting to become faint in the distance but adding to the overall composition of the shot.

Balloons, Public Relations, Event

This was the shot to end the set. Was it luck or was it a calculated situation on my part that this could happen for me, that the timings of that early morning produced this situation.

To be honest it was a bit of both really!

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