Engage Visitors on Your Website with Video

We are all at the start of another year. The time to put in place business strategies, create new ideas and push your marketing for your company to hit those desired targets.

This sound easy, but we all know that it can be a difficult and daunting time for any sales force within a company. But we all need to sell, sell, sell!

The world wide web has now become our most favourite shop. Well, Primark could be a good contender here, but let’s move on! And it’s a well known fact, I’m not going to bore your with stat facts, a good deal of the nation will look to the web to shop for either goods, find information or services. This started with the private sector but has grown vastly to include business as well.

So if your in business to attract customers, what do you have? A website! It’s all about communication. Right? And when a visitor lands to that website they need to see if you can supply what they are looking for within a very short time frame. It is also a well researched fact that people don’t want to spend time reading to find the information.

So make it easy TELL THEM!

The Benefit of adding a custom video to your website. This allows the viewer to be informed with a single click. What, how, where on any of the desired platforms your site is viewed on.
Because of this, many businesses have found it valuable to use video to quickly convey their primary value proposition.

Having video on your site makes it easy for the viewer. Video can explain a more complex message than script. It keeps the viewer engaged and therefor more likely to purchase your service or product. This way of thinking is for any small business, right up to the multinationals. So don’t think that your business is not large enough to have one, think the opposite. It needs one.

The prospect of taking on the challenge of producing such a project can be somewhat intimidating if its not your day to day thing. There are various areas to consider to make sure you convey your message. Here at Alternative, helping people and companies to do this better, more creatively and more effectively is a great challenge to have. We would both come together and start with a process known as the “Story Boarding” that will address scripts, planned visuals and locations for the shoot to tell the story.

The process to making a video can be fairly complex, but that’s where I come in!
If you feel this could be right for you and would like to know more and have a chat, please contact me.

All the help you need for planning, completing a story board and scripting is offered.

You have a product or service to present so a suitable location will be discussed to enhance the production.

Help with other areas such as theming, cut away shots, right down to the final edit stages.

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